Import is zeroing out a field that it shouldn't be


Hi team,

Got one that for the life of me I cannot solve.

I import the below file and the numbers load as intended. You can see the imported numbers below and the mapping from the import

The trouble I run into is when I run a second import. looking at the data im importing, there is no line going to CC 3602 and GL 65566, but when I import it. it goes to zero.

I checked the import and it does have clear target prior to import checked but it does not effect other GL lines (ones not in the import), nor does it appear to impact the other CC's.

I ran the import a 3rd time removing 3602 from the below import and it did not clear it out if that helps.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Best Answer


  • Why would that create the issue and why is it only that line that is having the issue? it does not clear all CC's or GL's which doesn't make sense.