[Select: Time. All Periods] works for Model calendar and Time ranges


Hi All,

[Select: Time. All Periods] works for Model calendar and Time ranges? Somehow, its working for Model Calendar but not for Time Ranges. Do we have any similar function for Time Ranges?





  • @Abhishek_B

    On the Time Ranges definition, do you have the All Periods boolean checked?

  • @rob_marshall if you mean to say Boolean at the Time Range level, then YES, its checked.

    What I'm trying to achieve is that - I want to pull data for specific months (using custom mappings)? Its working with Model Calendar, but not with Time Ranges

  • can you give an example as what you said above is not exactly what you described in the original post.

  • @rob_marshall

    Here is the scenario -

    1. Data module (Dimension - Time Range(Past), Material) Line Item - Values
    2. Create Custom List - "Approve"
    3. Create Time granularity module (Dimension - Time Range (Past)), and Line Item (List) - "Approve". Objective is to map certain periods/months with "Approve". E.g. - Dec 12 - "Approve", Mar 13 - "Approve", so that values for these months can be aggregated)).
    4. Create a CALC module with (Dimension - Material, & Custom List("Approve"). Line Item A - Pull data from Data modules using SUM function // Time scale - Months/Time Range(Past) B) Use Select function - Line Item A[Select : TIME. All Periods].

    This scenario works if I use Model Calendar but not with Time Ranges

  • @Abhishek_B

    same line item works for regular but not Time Range? Are you sure the summary is turned on for the line item? Pictures go a long way.

  • CommunityMember111277

  • Apologies, its fixed now. Summary Calc was off, hence it was not working. Thanks @rob_marshall

  • @Abhishek_B

    Change this to a SUM