"Level Mismatch on Common Dimension" Error when Changing Parent of List


Originally we had A1 Expense Group, A2 Expense Category, and A3 Expense Account. We added A3 Subcategory and changed the naming of A3 Expense Account to A4 Expense Account.

We have been unable to change the Parent of A4 Expense Account to be A3 Expense Subcategory. Attempting to change this gives the error "Level Mismatch on Common Dimension."

We have done the following:

  • Cleared out any formulas using a parent clause and the associated account hierarchy
    • After that didn't work, we made a model copy and removed all formulas from the model to try picking it apart one-by-one, but are still getting the same error with all formulas removed.

Any ideas on what to try next?


  • @Taylor Moore

    In the List area, look in the Reference in Applies To and Referenced as Format, it has to be in there.

  • Thank you @rob_marshall. Turns out it was due to a ratio summary in a filter module we were using to allow users to select different levels of the hierarchy on an app page.