How can I get data to be imported to the next open row


I am trying to get a row of data to be automatically uploaded to a row that has not been filled yet. (I currently have it set up where you have to manually select the row every import)

Also is it possible for the "ALL TRANSACTIONS" grid to automatically create new rows of transactions when all rows are filled?

Here is an image of the page:


  • Dikshant

    Can you give more context of the functionality you're trying to build? Ideally, it has to be other way around. You fill in the details in a form and then submit a Process to get employee created.

  • The employee is already created. The "add employee transaction" grid is used to create updates to existing employees. As the "All Transactions" grid just shows the history of all previous transactions for a specific employee. The current functionality has me manually selecting which row ("All Transactions") I want to import the "Add employee transaction" (which is an editable row) data.

  • SriNitya

    Anaplan allows you to add data when there is a place holder only i.e
    First in Anaplan you need to have #1 transaction id created then you can add the details of all transactions.
    Based on the explanation provided by you if employee is created then you need to provide mapping or relationship between the employee to transaction (either it is one to many or one to one) then you can view specific employee transaction based on selection if required.