How I Built It: Limitless interdependent multi-select filters


Author: Daniel Badura is a Certified Master Anaplanner and Lead Architect at Dr. Oetker.

Hello Anaplan Community! In this ‘How I Built It’ tutorial, I show how you can build filters that filter filters, without using any dependent dropdowns. Each filter allows multiple selections, and they are all mapped using a single system module. This method offers a great deal of flexibility while being easy to build, maintain and extend.

This approach works best for big lists with many attributes, like products, campaigns, or accounts, especially when used in larger modules with few dimensions. It can be useful to uncover relationships and imbalances in master data.

Key features:

  1. A system module contains the mapping of each filter to the filtered list.
  2. Each filter has its own module with the Users list.
  3. The filters are displayed in single-column grids.
  4. Making a selection in one filter not only filters the data grid, but also the other filters.

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