Identifying New Items inserted in a List


I have a list of 'n' items and I run an import action on the list. The numbers of items in the list is now 'm'. How can I identify the items that were inserted in the current import.

The import file can contain the items that are already present in the list as well.

E.g : Initial List - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

List after import - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Import file - 4, 5, 6, 7.

Is there a way where I can flag or identify only 6 and 7 ?

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  • HimanshuRaj
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    I can suggest this:

    To create 3 Boolean line items (True, Existing, New) in a module dimensioned by this list

    Line Item True - Formula (True)

    Line Item Existing - Manual

    Line Item New - Formula (NOT Existing)

    Run an import into Existing line item from True line item at the start of process: This will identify all the existing line items

    → It will update 1,2,3,4,5 as True in Existing Line Item and 6,7 as True in New line Item


  • Pulkit Chawla
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    @kevinsanghoi - My bad, I read it incorrectly.

    You can achieve this by going with a staging list and module approach. I will be a lengthy process but here is what you can follow:

    1. New a new list (staging List) from your existing list that will have all the members of your existing list.
    2. Load file from excel that will have TRUE property in it. I know this will update the existing members too.(my previous comment approach basically).
    3. Create a staging module using this staging list and make a line item(Clear Member in Main List?) and write the formula as FALSE.
    4. Load the data from Staging Module to main list and clear the Boolean that were marked as true when we loaded the file.


  • @kevinsanghoi - Create one Boolean formatted property into your list named as New Member?

    In your upload file, make a column as Newly Added Member and write TRUE for all the items in your file.

    Import that file into your list and map the TRUE Boolean in file to the property created in your list(New Member?).

    This will also update the property for the members that were already part of the list.

    Let me know if you face any difficulty in achieving this.

  • @PulkitChawla this would not help me identify the new inserts only. This will also flag the updated records as TRUE as you mentioned it as well. I want to identify only the new inserts.

  • @HimanshuRaj, your solution would work but I provided an example with a fewer list items. The actual list has 1000s of items. The import file also contains 1000s of items with a few new records (70-90). Is there a way to find out these new items without manual intervention ?

  • @PulkitChawla thanks for the response. I believe this approach would work even though it's a length process.

  • @kevinsanghoi - Yeah, I know but will ping you if I get some better solution than this.

  • a. Create a module using the List

    b. Inside module, create 3 Boolean Line Items (LT_1. True, LT_2. Blank, LT_3. if Line Item 1 is not equal to Line 2)

    C. Create a Import action from LT_1 to LT_2 (after import - LT_1 & LT_2 should be TRUE, whereas LT_3 should be blank)

    d. Load fresh List item from Data Hub or file

    e. In the module, after adding new list items LT_3 should be TRUE for only those new items

    f. If required, create a fail-safe import action to notify the user about new items. There is no formal notification process, so you have to rely on cloudworks integration failure message to create the same.

    g. So, finally before running the import action to load LIST items, ensure you add step C before import action in your PROCESS