Can't apply a filter to time in Worksheet


I am trying to apply a filter on the time dimension in a worksheet, and am unable to do this like I can in classic…either as an end-user or page builder. Is this an issue? On purpose?

I'm trying to filter out zero value (across all time) line items:

…but when I select the FY24 column and the filter funnel there are no available options to filter.

However in classic this filter is applied with no issue:

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  • TristanS
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    @theresa.reid just to ensure there's no confusion. So you're following the steps as per video below which is just a video of Tiffany's earlier response. Cause it works for me.


  • Hi Theresa, from the card configuration menu you can add filters to "Custom Views". If the card is leveraging a saved view, then the filter should be added in the module saved view once updated/saved it will be reflected on the page.

  • In card configuration I get the same result, no ability to add this filter on a custom view. I was able to surface a module view with the filter, but because of the need to ALM module views we generally try to only use custom UX views for our apps.

  • Dikshant

    NUX filters function differently compared to classic dashboards. Based on your screenshot, I question whether this filter is logically necessary, as filters cannot be applied to line items (at least, I haven't used and known of). This filter appears to unintentionally filter which filtered out all the data. It seems to be the filter that gets automatically applied when you open the saved view.

  • Dikshant

    In NUX, filters can be applied to rows and columns. Unlike classic dashboards, NUX does not display separate tabs for different dimensions. Therefore, you need to look at the pivoting of the module to determine which dimension is in the rows and which is in the columns.

  • @TristanS thank you for the video! I got stuck on doing it "the old way" and getting it to work for an end user, this indeed allows me to apply it to a custom view instead of having to use the saved view. Thank you again!