ITEM function in module with Line Item Subset


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I have a module that has line item subset as one of the dimensions.. Cost Center, Time, and Line item subset. The line item subset has three members, A, B and C. You can have input on them, however, C is the total of A and B. If it was a regular list, I would have the something like —- IF ITEM(LineItemsubset) = LineItemsubset.C THEN A + B else …. however, i believe we cannot use the item function with Line item subset, so the approach i was thinking of taking is to create a similar dimension however, with a list with members A, B, C, then do a mapping and reference the values from this module to the new module. And then have a formula on that new module and then reference it back to this main module I am referring to (again with a mapping table lookup).

Wondering if there is a different or better way within the first module itself.. apart from similar approach I have here.


  • Amaya
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    I'd like to comment on two things I noticed.

    (1) The LIS can also be called with the ITEM function.

    (2) And if C is a simple sum, A+B, then Lineitem C is the parent of A and B, so it would automatically be added together when COLLECT() is done, is that not the case?


    If there is something I am not understanding about your situation, I would appreciate it if you could provide me with some more information.
    Best regards.