Rank Cell Limit Clarification

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I see there is a 50M cell limitation on being able to use the rank formula. I'm trying to clarify what I look at to determine if the line item I want to rank would be under or over the limit?

For example, Do I look at the Cell Count of the line item I'm trying to rank or is it different?

Second, I see in the Planual, it mentions not to rank on a large list. Does the 50M cell limitation and Planual correspond to each other or two separate items?

If they are two separate items, what would be considered a "large list"?


  • @cmast

    Yes, the cell count of the line item containing the Rank formula has to be less than 50M cells. And yes, both rules are the same, but honestly, your list shouldn't be 50M members if you don't have Time in the code or as a property (another Planual rule). If you do have Time as part of the list, I would suggest reading this article.

  • What the Planual Rule is warning about is that the performance of RANK against a dimension is proportional to its length. Therefore a line item with a single dimension that is a 50m list would be the slowest possible RANK calculation.
    I personally would call anything over 1 million items large for a list, in terms of what you might use for a RANK. You may get larger transactional lists, but these would be sources to aggregate data from and not to RANK on.