2.4.8 Activity: Create Detailed Demand Review UX Page



I don't understand why I don't find my view link to my suppky chain in my page. Any idea about what I am missing? Please

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  • jagadishdash
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    @Solene As per the above context you can either create a costume view and edit accordingly in the page or you can create a saved view override Grid UX Saved view.

    However the issue i think you're facing because of model selection while creating a page. Please create a fresh page and make sure you're tagging to the right Workspace and your model.



  • Hey! Can you give me some more context?
    Are you trying to find a module/grid to add to your page? Or are you trying to add a link on your UX page that feeds to another page?

    If it's the latter, you should be able to add a text card to the UX page and when you are doing the configuration for the card, there is the option to link to a page at the bottom

  • Solene

    I am supposed to include a module?grid view to my page. I wonder if I have to creat an access? This step is not detailed on the course.

    • 2.4.8 Activity: Create Detailed Demand Review UX Page

  • Solene

    Oh….. ! Thanks, what a stupid mistake !