Create Product Family Manager Role



I wonder how create those 3 steps:

  1. Only assigned Product family?
  2. View for only the 3 other product families
  3. Detailed demand data but NOT OVERRIDE ANY values

See what I did, but I don't know how to complet all those requierements.


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  • Hi,

    For 1st and 2nd you need to use enable selective access for product family list and assign it under Users(however, this can be ignored as it is a training model). You have done it correct for 3rd.

  • Solene

    Thank you @Shubham,

    So, do I just have to add this access? Not sure to understand.

  • This looks correct

  • Solene

    1. Is this step correct, picture on top
    2. and 3. Where can I modify access for UX page? please?

  • @Solene - Yes, for 1 you are correct.

    For 2 and 3, for providing access on the page for a particular role, simply go to the NUX Page and click on edit. Screenshot below:

    Then click on the restrict access and select the particular roles for the page you want the user to have access. Screenshot below:

  • Solene

    Thanks but I can't find where to edit the the NUX page.

  • @Solene - Are you having page builder access in Anaplan? It is provided by the Tenant Admin of the Tenant and then you should be able to make changes in the NUX pages.

  • Solene

    Good question, I don't know I am doing my level 2, so basically I should have because it is in my training

  • @Solene - I would suggest you to check once with your Tenant Admin regarding the Page builder access.