8.6.4 Activity of Level 1: I am receiving no outputs when my formulas are correct?


My formulas and the set up seem to be correct but zeros in all of the boxes where there should be data.


  • Hi,

    Please make sure that REV01 and REV02 modules have data.

  • WajidAli

    Hi @NDavis8790

    Make sure your source modules have the data populated.Also try to reverse the formula once Since i have faced this issue before.

    Like! 'REV01 Price Book'.Unit Price * 'REV02 Volume Inputs'.Volume

    Hope it Helps


  • @NDavis8790 - Can you please share the screenshot of the formulas of REV01 and REV02 modules?

    Or else right click on the cell have zero value and click drilldown .