"Screen Selector" and "Context Selector" is not auto setting for all user (need to set manually)


Hello guyss, I need your help.

So now on my project, I want to use below condition:

If user select [ALL], then all product will show on the grid.

But now on my ANAPLAN,

this [ALL] selector does not show ALL the product, but only show the [Bottom], like below:

when I check, I found that setting between the "screen selection" and "context selector setting" is different. Like Below:

But then I try change the "screen selection" and "context selector setting":

⇒ I set the "screen selector" & "context selector" same using [ALL]

and All product successfully show on the grid like I want.

But other issue is found 😣

This setting only working on my screen, but not other user.

Other user need to set-up manual like I did.


My question is,

Is it ANAPLAN bugs?

Could you give an idea how to fix this issue?

I want my selector setting is auto work for another user too, without they set by themself.

If you have the answer, I'm really happy if you could help me 😥


Best Regards,

Dian Suci A.


  • @Dsuci

    Add a filter in the page selector as per the selection of The Screen selection.

    Create a filter that Screen selection = item(Page Selector) [Note: Use the formula as per the relation]

    Let me know if i understood your problem correctly and it solved !

  • Dsuci

    Hello @jagadishdash

    Thank you for your reply.

    I already create the sector formula like you said, its still same.

    Actually all the setting need to be set is already created.

    what I confuse is why the selector is not auto set-up on other user too?

    Thank you!!

    Best Regards,

    Dian Suci A.

  • @Dsuci

    Oh.. Great! To clarify your confusion; think like this the module grid you published is not having the user dimension so the page selector won't change by the users also right! That's why we have to have filter added by users to get the selection based on user.

    Hope that helps.