Dropdown Selection - Deletion & Deletion of Data



Is there a way we can restrict the end user from deleting the data.

For example a line item A is list formatted and has 3 options, currently Anaplan enables the user to click delete and remove all values, can this be restricted where users are forced to choose from the 3 available options all the time ?




  • Hi @Sachinsourav02

    Can you explain more on how the user clicks to delete and remove all the values? if its a dropdown in a list formatted line item it is not possible to delete list item(s).

  • Hello @shubhamrawat

    You can delete, a list formatted line item, users with edit access can delete the data, simply by clicking "delete". Please do let me know if you require any further information


  • @Sachinsourav02 - Not getting the point when you say users are able to delete item from the list?

    But to answer your problem to ask the Users to mandatory select from the 3 given options, you can create a conditional formatting on that if there is no value for the list item then simply red highlight it and treat is as an invalid entry.

    You can create a logic and write something like if your entry is valid then only the data should be flowing further otherwise it should not be flowing further.

  • @PulkitChawla

    let me try and give you an example:

    So we have a custom-built filter to show investments that are critical, non-critical & parked.

    Investment status is an attribute as well, where users can select the criticality against investments using a list drop down.

    Now one of the investments went missing because user accidentally deleted or removed the criticality status and because of which the custom-built filter set up, users were unable to see the investment.

    There are options like conditional formatting (again does not work for field type line item). Options to display blank in the filter (separate logic has to be written for it), however wanted to see if there is a way to restrict the users from deleting from the data from first place.

    Thank You

  • seymatas1
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    There is no built-in Anaplan functionality that restricts deletion of a list item while letting the users select a list item.

    As you and @PulkitChawla mentioned, there are a few alternative approaches:

    1. Build conditional formatting to show items that should not be deleted.

    2. Place a text card to warn users not to delete data.

    3. Throw an error message when the cell is blank.

    4. Create a staging module where users can make changes. Setup an action to update the main module from the staging module. Create a driver line item that lets users run the action only if all investment status are selected.

    Users will able to run the action if all values are selected.

    5. Consider submitting this functionality as a feature request.