For this I created 3 saved views 2 from module INV-02 I pivoted them and synced them with page ,
1) I made first view using Region(row) , Safety stock line item(page), Time(column)
2)I made second view using Product family (row)
Now I made 3rd view using INV-01 module
3) I made it using SKU(row)

after that I applied SYS00 Months Only filter to all three
I have still not applied conditional formatting as I want to confirm all my steps are correct or not

Also please check this

In My-Page
1)I applied hierarchy filter to G2 Country and to Time too in first grid
2)In second grid I applied hierarchy filter to P1 Product Family and to Time too
3)In Third grid I applied hierarchy filter to P3 SKU and to Time too

Now please go through my question
Please suggest whats wrong and what changes I need to make also should i create another module for third grid instead of Saved view in INV-01
Have I applied Month only filter correctly (SYS00)

Please answer and help
Thank you


  • Dikshant

    @Parshva1304 What is it that is not working in this page? Please check the requirements / instructions in the course. On the surface, it looks good. But let me know if you've any specific values/ filter that is not working in this page.

  • janelancy

    I don't understand what's wrong with this page. Take a look at the course materials for all the necessary information. First impressions are often the best. However, please inform me if there are any particular values or filters that are not functioning properly on this page.

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