2.4.8 Activity: Create Detailed Demand Review UX Page


I have been stuck over here for an hour, and could someone navigate what I'm doing wrong? In terms of context, I have created a UX page as per Sprint 2 requirements. On the Adjustments of Demand table on the UX page, I can't make use of the Override? line item. As you can see on SS, it's blank. On the module I created, I could override it, and on card configuration, I gave access to edit data on the grid option as well but still can't override on UX page


  • Preethi


    To be able to enter data the members in context selectors should always be at the lowest level.

    In UX the SKU is at P2, try selecting a member from P3 SKU. It should allow you to override.

    You're able to override in module bcoz all the members are selected at lowest level.

  • @Preethi Got it ,thanks much!