Activity : Filtering and Displaying Hierarchical Data

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I want to create an interactive anaplan module that allows user to select an item from a hierarchical list and dynamically display associated items from the next level in the hierarchy

Lists :

P1 Product Family ( LVL 1)

P2 Products ( LVL 2)

P3 Products SKU ( LVL 3)

Requirement :

When a level 1 item is selected , display the associated Level 2 items

When a level 2 item is selected display the associated level 3 items

Any ideas ?


  • Hello Meriam,

    Below mentioned steps should help you achieve the desired output you're looking for.

    Create a system module dimensioned by P3 SKU.

    Add the following line items as shown in the image below, be mindful of the dimensions of these line items, refer the "Applies To" column.

    The summary methods for the line items P2 and P3 should be "Ratio".

    For P2 the ratio would be P1/Denominator.

    For P3 the ratio would be P2/ Denominator. [refer the image below]

    The Line item P3 should display the numbers as 0,1,2,3 from the top level to the bottom hierarchy as shown in the image below.

    Create another system module for filter creation.

    Add the line items as shown in the image below and be mindful of the dimensions of line items and their summaries.

    Below is the formula for the combined filter and this is what your module will look like when you use the combined filter.

    Use the users list as a dimension with the filters for dynamic filtering.

    If you have any questions feel free to comment or reach out to me at

  • That worked . Thank you so much