Referencing a list property

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Hello fellow builders,

I'm a bit hung up on this.

I want the Display Name formula in the "Job Title by Cost Center" list to follow the same naming convention in the "Cost Center" list.

For example, I want "BOBL-CAACPAY" to be "Accounts Payable (BOBL-CAACPAY)"

The two lists are independent of each other, i.e. there is no hierarchy between them.

However, there's a linkage: The list property 'Entity-Cost Center' in the "Job Title by Cost Center" list is the concatenation of 'Entity' and 'Cost Center' in the "Cost Center" list.



  • Ashutosh

    U need to bring cost center name in Job title cost center list.
    There are two approaches : 1) U can create a system module dimensioned by Job Title Cost Center list and bring the cost center name in line item and then apply formula in list property .

    2) U can directly create a property where cost center name should come up.

  • StellaO

    @Ashutosh - can you elaborate?

  • seymatas1
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    1. Create System Modules:
      • If possible, use two system/properties modules instead of list properties:
        • PROP01 Job Title by Cost Center
        • PROP02 Cost Center

          According to best practices, the only property a list should have is a text-formatted Display Name.
    2. Configure the PROP01 Module:
      • Add a line item named Cost Center Display Name in the PROP01 module to store the display name of the Cost Center. You can populate this line item either by importing data directly or by referencing the appropriate list or module where this information is currently stored.
      • Create another line item named Job Title Display Name and concatenated text in this line item.
        Note: Moving concatenation from list properties to a module will improve model performance.
    3. Write Formula (Option 1)
      Write a formula that refers to Job Title Display Name line item of PROP01 module.
    4. Create Import Action: (Option 2)
      • Create a Display Name Import Saved View within the PROP01 module. It's best practice to use a saved view for imports into lists.
      • Configure an import from the saved view in the PROP01 module to the Display Name property of the Job Title by Cost Center list.
    5. Update Maintenance Processes: (Option 2 continued)
    • Add the newly created import step into the existing process that maintains the Job Title by Cost Center list and the PROP01 module.

      1. The formulas and import mappings can change in your model according to where/how you store the data.
      2. If switching into properties modules is not possible at the moment, apply a similar logic in Job Title by Code list properties.