Platform updates: May 2024 release notes.


Check out the latest Anaplan feature updates and enhancements in our May 2024 release notes. The information below offers supplemental information to that post.

Planning and modeling

  • Additional data in the new modules inventory
    Model builders can now access additional data in the new modules inventory, including Referenced by, Data tags, Users list, Managed by, Delegated, Populated cell count (Polaris), and Memory used (Polaris).


  • Geo-Mapping: Use Line Items for boundary codes
    Line Items can now be used to store the regional boundary code rather than the List code, enabling you to have multiple overlapping territories across your hierarchy.

  • Workflow: New Builder mode (default for all users)
    Workflow owners can now visualize their business processes as they build them with a new interactive flow-chart design mode.

  • Workflow: Multi-page tasks
    Builders can now include navigation action buttons and linked card titles in the pages used for tasks to allow end users to easily move between pages.

  • Workflow: Collapsible right-hand panel
    Easily minimize and expand the right-hand task panel to dedicate 100% of screen real estate back to your page.
  • Workflow: View hierarchy progress in list view
    Switch hierarchy task view from tree view to a more traditional list view to more easily identify problems, delays, and bottlenecks.

  • Workflow: Sync workflow to all dimension types
    Previously, workflows could only be synced to the time dimension. This release allows workflows to sync to any dimension type, as needed.

  • Workflow: Include task comments in the CSV export
    Comments made against tasks are now included in the CSV export for Workflow.

  • Workflow: Usage dashboard
    Workflow Owners can now track and monitor how many users across their business are using Workflow, giving insight into adoption and helping stay within licensing limits.


  • Re-send invitation email
    User Administrators can now re-send the activation email using a new button.

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