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I want to build a custom switchover for Fake version/List I created separately (Actual, Forecast, Rolling Forecast)

  1. I created a custom switchover time period

2. Then I created a custom switchover period

3. Next, I have the module where I want to apply the formula, however its showing Circular references: values

Result expected





  • seymatas1

    Anaplan's built-in time and versions support circular references, unlike fake time and versions. This is one reason why time and versions use more memory than regular lists.

    For example, using PREVIOUS() formula, which is a circular reference, works with real time. But a similar formula structure does not work with fake time and throws "circular reference" error.

    Similarly, PREVIOUSVERSION() formula works with native versions but not with fake versions.

    Check out this How I Built it? video by @JaredDolich, it might give you some ideas on how to build a similar setup for fake versions.

  • @seymatas1 I'm afraid this doesn't help with my requirement. Let me know if you have any solution to my query.

  • Preethi
    edited June 26


    I don’t think it’s possible to refer one list item value to another in same list. i.e copy Actuals to Rolling forecast in fake version list.

    But you can try the below workaround:

    In the Switchover time module, ideally the actuals month is always before the switchover starts, but your logic does vice versa. I have updated the logic accordingly. If not you can go ahead with your existing logic.

    Then create an import module lets says, Switchover value without Fake Version. Include time dimension & 2-line items Actual & Forecast. Your actuals & Forecast values should be first imported in this module by mapping the Actual & Forecast line items respectively

    Then create the Switchover value module with the dimensions – Time, Fake version, Value line item. Rewrite the logic for values by referring the Actual & Forecast value line items from above module. This will give you the desired result