Anaplan UX Page Builders permissions


Hi everyone, I have a question regarding Anaplan UX.

Is it possible in Anaplan to let Page Builders users create pages (available to all users in app) but restrict them the possibility to modify specific UX Pages already existing?

I would like Page Builders to not modify a specific set of existing pages but allow them to create new ones?

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  • pyrypeura


    That kind of restrictions are not unfortunately possible in Anaplan.

  • Ashutosh
    edited June 26

    Hi Joana,

    I think, It's not possible as page builder access has given at workspace level & they have ability to rearrange or modify all the pages.

    But as I understood, you want the page builders to create a only new pages. So you can give instructions to the all page builders to create a new only & don't modify.



  • Yes @Ashutosh , I think I'll go with some workarounds like asking users to duplicate an existing page in order to not modify the official one and then copy that under a new category where this new page can be edited.

    Thank you!


  • Ashutosh

    Also you can take a copy of app just for reference. That also one option

  • @JoanaNdreu - One more option you can do is by creating your personal copy on the NUX Page. Below is the screenshot.

    By clicking on this, users can create their personal copy and they can modify whatever they want for their personal reference that do not have any link with the other users.

  • Thank you @PulkitChawla, but the request is to keep those pages for everyone's reference! Anyways this is a valid option that can be always used. Thank you!