Creation of a report with two source model



I need to create a report with two differentes model sources, to compare them.

I have already created the same module in the two source models.

Now i need to visualise both of them in the same report.

Can someone help me with this please ?

Thank you


  • To my knowledge there is no ability to display two models within the same page. When you link multiple source models only one will be visible at a time.

    Here is an article that explains how you can switch between source models:

  • @AmalmMahmoudi - To view two models data within same page is not possible. But max you can do is by enabling multi model for that page and enable the two source models for that page.

    With this also, you need to toggle from the top and choose the model whose data you want to see at a particular time.

  • Preethi


    As mentioned in above comments you cannot have 2 sources linked to same UX page.

    But you can try the below approach

    If you have 2 models Model A with Module 1 & Model B with module 2.

    Here module 1 & 2 will have the data you need to compare.

    Replicate the module 2 from model B in Model A lets say Report - Model B, with the same dimensions & module structure.

    Import this module from Model B. Now you have both the model A & B report in model A.

    You can use these modules to show your comparison report & provide a refresh process in UX which would basically refresh the import from Model B to A each time it is refreshed

    But you need to check the number of dimensions being used in the report & its size impact in your replica module (imported from Model B)