Level 2 Model Building: Sprint 1 SYS07 Mapping


I can't figure out the correct mapping for this import? I have attached the mapping that I am currently trying, the output that I get in grid view and the output I should be getting according to the Anaplan training answer key. Please let me know what the correct mapping is please!


  • Preethi

    When you import list, the mapping should be between column name & list property.

    Your excel files should have the values for Location name, parent , code in individual columns.

    Lets say you have a csv file with columns shown as below . Map col1-Location name to G3 location, Col2-Code to Code in list, Col3-Parent to Parent in list. Dont use header names.

    Check your import file & map the columns accordingly

  • @NDavis8790 - I can see in your mapping you are defining parent and code with the column headers which is not the ideal case.

    In your data hub saved view, check for the correct parent code and the item code and map them in your action and then it will work.