Scheduled Process not Working when Scheduled, but does work when manually run


We are having an issue with an action/process not updating when it runs as scheduled that I am hoping to get some assistance on fixing.

This process runs overnight every night and is designed to store a snapshot of the weekly lag 0 forecast. The source is a Saved View with a time filter of current week to end month 3 so it should be repopulating current week to end month 3 each time it runs.

When we check, the action has run each night, but since the start of January it has not been populating the destination module. It was working before that (we only went live in November last year). We think it stopped due to the timing of the yearly rollover (another issue).

If I manually run the process from the action centre it does populate the destination module.

We have created a new Scheduled Integration through CloudWorks, and although the process runs without errors, it also does not populate the destination module.

We are at a loss on how to get this to work when scheduled as we do not want to be manually running this process!!


  • @jesscad - If your action is working correctly when ran manually in the higher environment then I believe there is not a problem at Anaplan side.

    We need to check why it is not working via integration.

    Did you try creating another cloud work integration ?

    Or else can you use some other integration tools like informatica, snaplogic ?

  • Jesscad

    Thanks for the response PulkitChawla, but I think I might not have been 100% clear. The Process is not importing anything from outside Anaplan, it is all within the Model itself (a saved view in one module to another module).

  • @Jesscad - I understand your point that its a model to model data load, but as you mentioned it is working fine when triggered manually then what I am trying to say is that it is not an issue with the import action at Anaplan side.

    We need to check the configuration of the job which is calling this action because as per my knowledge it usually happens when the integration is not able to call the action.

    For your cloudworks integration, all the configurations are correct?

    Are they hitting the right model?

    The user id which will be running this action via integration has full access?

    These are the some check points we can consider for checking why our action is not running via integration.

  • Hi @Jesscad

    I've noticed recently that some of my Cloudworks integrations processes aren't working when scheduled. Are you talking about Cloudworks or some other method of integration?

    If Cloudworks, I thought it was just me! I deleted the schedule and recreated it, thinking it would solve the problem. I found yesterday that this is not correct - and like you, it runs fine when a person runs it.

    When was the last time your scheduled integration ran properly? I think mine was running properly until after one of the recent weekend system updates… :(



  • Hi @Stacey_Gibbens / @Jesscad,

    I am experiencing a similar problem. I have a process that consists of multiple actions. One of the actions is not refreshing the data from the target module, although it does refresh when I manually run it. I have tried a couple of solutions to resolve the issue, but none have been successful so far.

    First, I attempted to fix the problem by removing the action from the process and migrating the changes to the production environment. Afterward, I added the action back to the process, but unfortunately, this did not solve the issue.

    Next, I created a completely new process specifically for this action and ran manually from Cloud works, hoping that it would work. However, I encountered the same problem and the data still did not refresh as expected

    @Stacey_Gibbens / @Jesscad .. Did you guys find the root cause / fix ? Planning raise ticket to Anaplan.

    @rob_marshall@Misbah  did you guys come across this issue ? If so can you please suggest workaround ?