Time Problem ASAP


Hello everyone ,

I have an old model with a time scale of 2023 and 2024 and after that I wanted to add 2025 in the time , some models take in consideration the next year , others not ! Is there any of you who faced this issue before ? If yes can you provide me pleasewith the solution.

For me : I doubt that the problem comes from the Time scale , because if it's not applicable it takes the year 2025 if it's set "Month" It not takes in consideration 2025

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  • seymatas1
    edited June 27

    Since time ranges are static and independent, they don't update automatically with your model calendar. You need to manually add 2025 to your time range.

    Time scale is the granularity of time; month, week, etc.

  • seymatas1

    Model Calendar:

    Past Year: FY23, Current Year: FY24, Future Year: FY25

    Starts with Jan 23, ends with Dec 25.

    Time Ranges:

    Starts on 1 Jan 2024, 2 years

    Starts with Jan 24, ends with Dec 25

  • Kanishq17

    Hello @imadlou

    If you are using FY25 as time range , then it is static and needs to be updated in the models in settings , if it is in time settings then FY25 will be visible