Filter across three grids coming from same module


I have a filter Hide Zeroes on the dashboard and I want when the filter is selected/ boolean ticked, it should filter out all the rows from grid which have 0 values, i did something wrong that's why this blanked out. All the grids are from same module.


  • Dikshant

    Can you share the formula for the filter applied and the module backend grid view?

  • Anurag0911
    edited June 29

    Off topic but that is an extra step for users to hide the Zeros, Why do you need that?

    Suggestion would be keeping the zeros hidden always in the filters itself.

    But yes need more info on what formula is being used here.

  • Kanishq17

    Hi @samikshajain617 , when publishing the grids in the page , you can directly use the filter to exclude zero rows , why is an boolean check needed for the same