Filter the Hierarchy Level


Hello all. A few days ago I saw a "How I Built It " video regarding the Hierarchy filter which taught me how to use Ratio Summary for filtering . I wanted to replicate the same structure but here is the thing.

I created a module for filtering Group level ( higher level ) or Product level ( Lower level ) like the picture below:

then I created a module for filtering like picture below

But the problem is that when i want to set the summary for Product level line item as Ratio of Group level / Denominator i face an error like this :

*****My User list has Top Level and I told myself maybe it is because of the Top level. then I decided to remove the top level and it got okay but due to some reason I can not remove the top level cause I need that for other parts of the model. any idea on how to solve this without removing the top level of user list?




  • Dikshant

    You used a different list in the group-level line item, it's product group list but it has to be Product i guess, try it out and let me know

  • Mahdiyar

    @Dikshant Hi. Actually for the purpose of hierarchy filter this line item should have a parent list of product which is Group according to the how i built video