Get Data From Combination to List item to Line item


Source: We have combination list and its properties with QTY value Target : I am using individual list except Application.i want application value by line items. Without using Application Dimension. Application is PRoduction List

Tried ComboApplication colume= SYS module Application but not returining 0

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  • nvilkko
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    Hi @143kishornaidu,

    Could you please let me know why would like to use Applications as line items instead of using the list?

    However, if you need to use the line items, this should work:

    1. Create a line item subset (LISS) from the target module including all the Application line items.
    2. Create a mapping module where you map the Application list with the LISS (Dimensioned by Application list and one line item formatted as LISS). If the names of line items and Application list match, you can use FINDITEM() to have dynamic mapping.
    3. In the combination list properties module, create a line item formatted as the LISS. Reference the mapping line item and lookup ([LOOKUP:] function) the Application line item in the combination list properties module.
    4. In the target module, reference the Qty line item and use [SUM:] function for each of the dimensions (Number, Style, LISS). The same formula will work on all the line items.

    Hope this helps!