Time Dimension Sum For Reporting


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I will be grateful if you can share your opinion on this problem:

Below is the scenario need to solve:

I need to transfer the "Amount" based on the "Collection" week as shown below

I used the POST formula:

Amount: XX

Week Count: ROUND(('Date + Count' - Date) / 7, 0, DOWN)

POST: POST(Amount, Week count)

Example Nov 24 (Week 44 - 47, FY24) should be transfer on Week 1 FY25. But as illustrated below it is not working properly. Please note that "Collection" = PERIOD('Date + Count')

I tried using the dummy time range on source module but it wont work on my actual data because I need to link it on existing data that have different time range.

SUM or LOOKUP is not working and will show this error:

The only solution I can think of is to import the data and map the time based on collection but it will be additional task on the user. They also might forget to press the action to refresh the data.

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  • Anurag0911

    Create another module with time as a dimension use SUM to get the values there based on the week and bring it back to the current one using a LOOKUP instead of a Post.

    I am unsure how you are using the formula for Sum lookup but if you can share that as text that would be great.

    Hope this helps

  • Lynethdeguzman
    edited July 4

    Thank you for your reply.

    Created a new module and use the SUM function. Same error appeared:

    Here is the Formula: Longrange time.Amount[SUM: Longrange time.Collection]

    LOOKUP shows wrong data:

    What I am expecting is this number:

  • Anurag0911

    The problem is sum but with the same dimension is present in the module. You can create a fake line for the weeks and sum based on that using a mapping.