Incorrect decimal placement importing from csv file


Hi, I've noticed strange behaviour when importing into a number formatted cell in Anaplan from a csv file.

My csv file is directly exported from a Workday report, and the csv file contains 2 decimal places for some entries, but some entries are rounded to 0.dp where the two are ".00".

Anaplan is incorrectly putting the decimal point on the entries with 2 d.p.s. I attach an example below.

the workaround i'm using is to import as a text formatted cell (where it imports correctly) and then use VALUE() to convert to a number. But this seems like an inefficient workaround (duplicates the Amount column unnecessarily).

Is there a better solution?

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  • Dikshant
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    This is the csv file

    Tried loading it in number format line item in list property

    Let me know what am I missing ? Or is this the expected result ? If yes, then we need to look at the file, it must be a delimiter issue.


  • ahemantthere
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    Have you changed the format of the AmountasNum line item to Decimal with 2 significant places?

    You can try this and import again. The amounts which have no decimal places ex. "76" will be imported as 76.00, and the ones which do have decimal places will be imported as ex. "89.95".

  • @david_rickard - When you are importing your .csv file, make sure to set the decimal point as dot. In your case, you have kept it as comma that's why you are not getting the correct values.

    So, simply go to import data source and update it's decimal point to dot and you should be good then.

  • Unfortunately neither of these are solutions as i've already applied those settings:

  • Dikshant
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    Is it possible to share a screenshot of the number format column in your csv ? Not an actual number but an example to understand better ?

  • Thanks @PulkitChawla. Changing the Decimal seperator to Dot worked. As I was opening the csv file in Excel I didn't really appreciate the commas where present in the csv file itself. Thanks for your solution.

  • @david_rickard - Glad to hear that.