Workflow: Can we use Import Actions with Source Type = File ?


Dear Community,
we are struggling with a topic and would be glad about some help.
We want to create a Workflow that starts with an Import Action that requires the User Upload of a CSV file. The user has to deliver a lot of data on various planning dimensions, which is why manual entry of data is no option. Data is coming from a source system and can be exported in a way that is readable by Anaplan. The Import Action if posted on a regular NUX page works fine.

When choosing this Import Action as a machine task in a workflow template, we get an error.

Is it possible to do it with Workflow and if so how?

Our requirements:
User 1 (or any representative) uploads a CSV File from his Laptop to run an import action. The import action itself also has one mapping with user input:

Sometimes our planning versions are differently named and therefore mapping can't come from CSV Import file.

User 2 (or any representative) gets a Workflow Notification that new data can be found in Anaplan ready to validate and maybe adjust to have final plan values.

We appreciate any help!
Best regards,