How to Substitute out Quotes


I am trying to write a substitute formula that simply deletes double-quote characters


Text1 Start: This is a "note" text field

Text2 After Formula: This is a note text field

Is this possible? It appears anytime I try and reference a " anaplan recognizes that as a syntax and not a character.

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  • jasonblinn
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    There might be other ways to do this, but this idea should be easy to execute.

    In a constants/selector module put a line with no dimensions formatted as a text and input your " into that cell as the data.

    Then in the substitute formula in the text to replace section, just reference your line item that contains the text you want removed. Then finally just in the final replacement text variable put "" so that it replaces it with nothing.

    I hope this helps!


  • Anurag0911
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    Hi @lhidden

    Use the SUBSTITUTE Function

    1. Create another line item where you want the final text to appear, let’s call it Text Without Quotes.
    2. Set the format of this line item to Text.
    3. Use the Formula:
      SUBSTITUTE(Text Field, Quote Character, "")

    Text Field should be replaced with the name of the line item that contains the original text.


  • lhidden

    Thanks guys, you are way more clever than myself.