Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module


Hello All,

I am currently working on an exercise to import data into the DAT03 Historic Volumes module in my Supply Chain model L2: sprint 2: (

Can someone please help me fix this import. I cant understand where I am going wrong and why it won't import. The time ranges have been selected as FY19-FY20 for the line item with the start date as JAN 19


  • @IshaanChitale - Update the time mapping to Month Year i.e. MMM-YY and then re run the action and you should be good then.

  • Hi Pulkit, I tried doing that in the custom fixed pattern and its still giving me an error

  • @IshaanChitale - can you show me details tab and show the error message for the very first record?

  • This is the details tab where it is giving an error, despite me inputting MMMYY As the custom fixed pattern