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i am creating a model for tax calculation and it includes 2 regimes with different slab structure,i am calculating tax for 10 employees on their gross salary ,for regime i have a list includes old,new regime names and i have included a line item for selecting regimes of data type list.But i am unable to get an idea how to enter the slabs and do the tax calculation ,as both regimes have different number of slabs and rate of %. I have also created a module to keep single line data need for gross salary calculation but i don't know what to do for slabs.

Below i am attaching screenshot of data given to me and what i have done so far.

Also attaching an example of calculation i need to do with slabs.

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  • ShubhamCh
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    Hi @aishwary2003

    Let's assume you have 4 slabs in Old Regime and 6 slabs in New Regime. Create a list 'Slabs' with six items in it. Now we need to define ranges and rate% for these slabs specifically to Old and New Regime.

    Create a module with Regime list, Slabs list with 4 line items as shown below:-

    I have a SYS/Cal module for Employees where I can select their regime

    Now to calculate deduction for these slabs, create a module with Employee list and Slab list:-

    Finally directly refer Emp & Slab.Tax in your SYS/Cal module and it'll show you the deduction based on slabs and rate%. There are some specific deduction based on regime selected, you can account them using some more line items.