formula to get total salary by role and region



what is the correct formula to get the total salary by role and region? in the source module EMP02, the timecard is "month" and in the target module REP04, it is "year". Aside from the timecard difference, my formula is not correct. any advice?

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  • Dikshant
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    Your target dimension module has Role and Region list applied, so sum your salary and other expenses by Role and Region. Use SUM functions and take the role and region mapping from EMP02 module.


  • seymatas1

    Because you are moving data up to a less granular time (month → year), your formula will work in the time dimension if your time summaries are on.

    However, you should check your other list dimensions:

    • EMP02 Employee Expenses: Dimensioned by E2 Employees
    • REP04 Employee Expense Summary: Dimensioned by Role and G1 Region

    You should tell Anaplan the regions and roles of these employees through the SYS08 Employee Details module.

    You are "summing" the employees up by their roles and regions!