Color cells or rows that were changed since base load date


Hi, is there a possibility in Anaplan  module or in a list to color cells or rows that were changed since base load date??


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    There is a way to track changes since a given point in time.  Let me walk you through how I would build out a solution.

    1.) Create a duplicate module of the existing module:
    •  Note: You can pull the values over from the original module by linking the duplicate module to it and then deleting the formula. This will provide us with a control data set to compare changes against.
    2.) Add a line item to the original module that compares the two data sets and will act as our trigger for conditional formatting
                a.) The formula would resemble this:  IF ORIGINAL MODULE <> DUPLICATE MODULE THEN 1 ELSE 0
    3.) Apply conditional formatting logic to the original module.

    I've also attached an example.



  • Thanks, nice solution :). I will try it. It  also would be good to have system function CELL CHANGE DATETIME to make it easier and write  simple IF statement  to color cells with conditional formating, instead of creating similar modules.