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Hi, I was building a Budget Model with a customer of mine who already had a Forecasting model. A lot of Business Rules are different between Forecasting and Budgeting processes, but a lot of them are simlar. We are using copy and paste of formulas.  We needed to switch between models, but that made us close all the active modules of the model we were leaving and reopening the relevant modules in the other modules. and again and again and again. It was a little boring process, opening closing, opening, closing, when I suddendly realized that we could re-open another Anaplan session in a second tab in the browser, The first Browser tab has the Budget Model open, and the second browser tab had the Forecasting model open, thus copy and paste between models and modules was much easier and faster. When we needed to create a specific view in a forecasting module to be used as a import source in the Budget module, it was also very quickly done.   A little ashamed it took me one hour or so before I though to this very easy way to save time.  KR Michel.


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    Hi Simon,
    this tight Click Duplicate is something really great, I will use it for Anaplan but also for other purposes.

    Yes, I am using Chrome as well, and I am lucky because it does not exit in Firefox. It's in IE but few use IE nowaday.

    All other right click actions avialble in the tab are great indeed. 
    Manys thanks !

    Have a great day.


  • Hi Michel,

    This is what I like about the community and forums. What may be apparent to one user, may not be so apparent to another user, and visa versa.

    I use chrome, if you right click on the browser tab there is a "Duplicate" option. I use that one LOTS :)
    I think it's similar with other browsers too.

    Thanks for sharing.
  • Opening mutliple models within the same instance of your internet browser (Firefox for me) has always been a life saver for me.  Whenever I have to implement a model change, usually the same change over 10-20 models, this allows me to quickly complete the task.  One thing I will add to this thread that I find helpful using shortcut keys for flipping between the browser tabs (CTL + Shift + ] on a mac).  If you hold down the shortcut keys it will quickly scroll through all the open models making it easy to identify things that I may have missed like a formula update, applying conditional formatting, etc.