Add List item properties to Rows Section


The goal is to create module like it was designed in Excel.  List Product has Property Category  and many other properties.  Module is made up of  Product list , Line Items and Time. How can i get desired look and  get  Product list properties out of time dimension? See example. Is it possible?


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  • simon_ritchie
    Hi Roman,

    Because the default module setting (top line in the module blueprint) for time scale is set to month, this is why are seeing the Category repeat for each month even though the Category line does not apply to months.

    Few ideas:

    1. As you have done, hide the columns that you don't want to see. Then save that as a view, and/or publish that to a dashboard, this will help avoid having to hide those columns again.

    2. Pubish 2 different objects to a dashboard. One shows the products and their properties. The second shows the plan numbers by month. (This is what I would do, depends on users though)

    3. Take the time scale out of the module and create line items for the months that you want to see next to the category. (see screenshots)
    This probably gives you the look you are going for, but will mean more maintenance going forward because the formulas/line item names will need updating when you move to a new year.
    You could create all the months you need and look at filtering the line items based on a user selection, just a thought.

    Happy Anaplanning.