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Hi all.  I created subset  “Active” for Employees list Then  created module  Plan Sales, using subset  "Active" from Employees List  and published to dashboard both Employees list and Module Plan sales to enter Plan values only for chosen Employees Anaplan published all properties from Employees list, though i do not need them all.  I didn't find option hide on dashboard for columns  How can I Leave on published Employees List Only Active column and Hide others ? Thanks in advance!


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    To get the view you are after, create a module that uses Employees as a dimension and a boolean formatted line item named "Active".  You can then create an import action that will copy the active employee flags to the subset you've already set up.  Just publish the new module along with the import action to the dashboard.

    Import Action Setup:
    1.) Go to you employees list
    2.) Grid View -> Import
    3.) Connect to Anaplan model -> Modules
    4.) Find your new module and map the names (code if numbered list) and the new "Active" line item to the subset column

    Don't forget to setup user security for the new module and import action.

    Hope this helps!



  • Hi Roman,

    If you want to see your subset list of employees (Active employees) and only certain properties that relate to these employees I would suggest that you create a simple two dimensional Employee Details module using the Active Employees list and a line item for each employee property you need to see in your dashboard.  You can then link your module to the respective employee property and publish this module to your dashboard.

    Hope this helps