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A fellow anaplanner had the following question in the FAQ-section. Since Im but a humble user I can't give him a reply there. So here is the question: [quote]We have a situation where we want to import from within the same module from one line item to another. We ran the import two times with different source and destination line items but within the same module. Once we ran the import once from line item A to B , we saved the import in an Action in the Actions tab. The second time we wanted to do the import, we started it from Data->Import and noticed that the same import that was previously saved is now getting updated. We want to save the second import copying from line item C to D as an Action too . This way the user can execute any of the two actions independant of knowing the details of the import. However, we are not able to do that since the second time we import, the previous import definition gets modified instead of creating a new one . Is there to work around this issue ? Thanks, Khushboo[/quote] Source:

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    I had the same problem. Here is my workaround applied to your problem.

    I assume you have the module "Data" with four line items: A, B, C and D. You want an action button that copies B to C and one copying C to D.

    Part one, Prepare modules
    Create two modules. "Saved B" and "Saved D" with the same dimensions as Data.

    Part two, Creating your import actions
    -Import line item B in Data to Saved B, name the action Data to Saved B
    -Import line item D in Data to Saved D, name the action Data to Saved D
    -Import Saved B to B in Data, name the action Saved B to Data
    -Import Saved D to D in Data, name the action Saved D to Data
    -Import (copy) A to B and C to D in Data. Name the action Data to Data

    Part two, Create your processes
    -Create a process, call it Copy A to B
    -Add the following actions to the process in this order:
    1, Data to Saved D
    2, Data to Data
    3, Saved D to Data

    -Create a process, call it Copy C to D
    -Add the following actions to the process in this order:
    1, Data to Saved B
    2, Data to Data
    3, Saved B to Data

    Part three, be amazed
    -Publish the processes to your dashboard
    -Click them
    -Be amazed!

    If you have any questions reply here or send me a message.
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    I have found an alternate solution to this.

    Create a saved view of the module
    Import 1 will be from the original view
    Import 2 will be from the saved view (same data)
    Result - 2 Actions displayed, instead of Import 2 overriding Import 1