Dashboard Security


Recently I had a requirement to restrict users access to dashboards.   We had two types of planners:

  • Detailed planners who plan by week
  • Annual planners who plan at annual level

  They use lots of the same modules behind the scenes but the dashboards were quite different, we created different dashboards for each role, and wanted to restrict users so they could only see relevant dashboards…  


Best Answer

  • simon_ritchie
    There is not currently a setting to restrict access to dashboards based on user roles, but to have access to a dashboard, users must have at least “Read” access to all modules that are represented on that dashboard.
    They also wanted to add instructions to all the dashboards so the simple solution was:
    Add two new modules:
    • Annual Instructions
    • Weekly Instructions
    We created two roles:
    • Annual Planners
    • Weekly Planners
    Set access so that these roles had “Read” access to their instructions module, and “None” access to the other roles instructions module.
    As soon as you publish a grid or line item from these instructions modules to a dashboard Anaplan will automatically hide this dashboard from the opposite role, even if they choose to “Show hidden contents” they won’t see these dashboards.
    A common use case for this would be if you have Admin dashboards with Import/Export or Delete buttons that you want to ensure users would never see…
    Thanks for reading B)