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This is both some fairly basic tips and a question. The tips part is that in Pivot view, the icons for list and list subsets are different, so that you can tell the difference. In the attached snip, Portfolio is a list while Project Cost Centres is a sublist. Sublists help reduce model size, so I have a lot of them. When selecting a list in a module blueprint Applies To, for example, the lists come first, in the same order that you have them in Settings - General Lists, and the list subsets are below, but ordered in a different way, perhaps chronologically by order of creation. In Settings - General Lists the list subsets are shown in the Subsets column.  The question part is this: is there any way to tell lists apart from list subsets in Settings - Modules - Modules or in Settings - Modules - Line Items? This latter view is a useful way to explore an unknown model, but the subtlety of list versus list subset appears to be lost. In Anaplan you can look at the Applies To drop down to see the positioning (top and in order, or bottom and disordered) but in an export even this option vanishes. Thanks, Mark.


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    Hi Mark,

    Unfortunately, there is no apparent way to tell lists and list subsets apart in Settings > Modules > Modules or in Settings > Modules > Line Items currently. However, there are a number of ways to tell the difference.

    (1) You covered this quite well, but the icons in the pivot view certainly will notify you whether a page is a list or a list subset. Additionally, if you are seeking to add a list subset to the module, Anaplan will show the list subsets directly beneath the main list when you are selecting which lists to include in your dimensions by displaying the same icons.
    (2) Go to the list that the list subset is under. Go to Tree View and click on the lowest level item. In the window to the right of the list, you will see the subsets (presented with either “True” or “False”) next to all the properties.
    (3) Go to the list that the list subset is under. Go to Grid View and you will see the list subset presented similar to a property with a Boolean (checkbox).
    (4) Click on ‘General Lists’ under ‘Lists and Roll-ups’ in the Settings tab. This displays a graphical view of the lists and the attributes of each list. There is a column titled, ‘Subsets,’ which display the names of each subset of the list to which it applies.
    These are the best ways to tell apart lists from list subsets, and I hope that this was helpful!
    Happy Anaplanning!