Change format in model (Howto)

Sometimes you want to change format throughout the complete model. For example, in parts of the EU you want comma decimal seperator instead of dot as is default. Or, if you start with an accelerator, you might want to remove USD as currency symbol. This is how you can do it in five simple steps: 1) Go to Settings -> Modules -> Line Items 2) Select the complete column Format 3) Copy and paste the complete column into an excel sheet 4) Search and replace the format code line in excel, see some examples below how to change from US settings to Swedish/EU. 5) Copy the updated column from excel and paste it into the Format column in Anaplan (make sure you stand on the first cell in the column before pasting)

"decimalSeparator":"FULL_STOP" "decimalSeparator":"COMMA"
"groupingSeparator":"COMMA" "groupingSeparator":"SPACE"
"unitsType":"CURRENCY" "unitsType":"NONE"
"unitsDisplayType":"CURRENCY_SYMBOL" "unitsDisplayType":"NONE"
"currencyCode":"USD" "currencyCode":null

If you need to find out what to search for and what to replace it with, just copy the cell in the format column in Anaplan before and after the change you want to apply. Then do steps 1-5 above using the complete lines as search and replace expressions. I hope this will save you some time!



  • Hi David,

    This is certainly one good way to achieve changing formats throughout your model, however not the best. The simplest way to complete this can be done in the following steps:

    (1) Go to Settings > Modules > Line Items
    (2) Go to the “Format” column
    (3) In one of the line items you would like to change, click on the 3 transparent grey dots next to “Number”
    (4) A pop-up screen will appear titled “Format-‘LineItemName’” 
    (5) Under the Units section, select “Currency” and use the drop down to find the appropriate currency
    (6) To opt whether to use commas or decimals, select the drop down titled “Thousand Separator” under the Format section and find the appropriate separator
    (7) Click “OK”
    (8) If you would like to carry this formula throughout the rest of the line items in the model, copy the exact cell you just updated (Windows: Ctrl + C | Mac: Command + C), and paste it down the column

    Simplicity is key in building models in Anaplan, and this formatting box is designed to streamline detailed editing. Anaplan is designed to update immediately with simple changes, without the need to export to a separate spreadsheet to implement those changes. Your suggestion is a great one, and eliminating the need to route it through a spreadsheet means an even quicker change!
    Happy Anaplanning!