Locking Items in a Selective Access List when Users have Top Level access


I have a problem where I have selective access on a list that a lot of users have access to the top-level. I need to be able to "lock", or make Read-only, certain child items in the list but still give these users access to Write to the other children.  How can I accomplish this if some users have Write access to the highest level so they don't show up when trying to move users to Read within the list itself?


Best Answer

  • alec_judd
    In order to workaround this problem, you can move the top-level summary item to Read access and assign all of the children other than the "locked" items to be set in the Write column.  By having the higher level summaries in the Read column, users are still able to access all list items.  However, now the "locked" items are Read-only, and you're able to move children back and forth between Read and Write with ease.