Selective access for certain users during specified periods of time


We use Anpalan for commissions and would like to be able to restrict access to sales folks during a periods of time when we are finalizing the compensation.  There are times when we are making adjustments and this causes a lot of questions from the reps.  We would like to just lock them out during certain times on a global basis without chaning their actual access levels.  Are there any creative ways to manage this?



  • Hi Kevin,

    You may have already considered this, but you could set up a new Role which does not have access to anything - no modules, lists, or actions. During the time that you want to lock people out, you switch them all to that role (that will preserve the settings of their regular role, and also preserve their selective access settings). Then at the end of that period, you just have to replace the original role to them, and all associated rights will come with it. It does require changing the role and then changing it back, but assuming you need to do this on a user by user basis anyway, and that some users will need to retain access during the period. This way of doing it will allow you to select which users you need to change, and it can be done via a simple import in both cases.

    If you didn't want ANYONE to be able to change the model, you could lock it, which is done in Manage models.
  • I did think of that.  However, we have a lot of users, and this would be very difficult to manage given we do not have an easy way to sort or filer anything with the Users settings section. The import / export is an option, but the person that manages the commissions is not an administrator, so an admin would always need to manage this for them.
  • Copy the model, work in the copy version, set up some import actions to  import comission when ready?