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It would be very useful to add a simple tickbox to choose whether to show or hide a  row or column. If often find it useful to hide as much as possible when searching for bugs, going thru row by row would be much easier with a tickbox.


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    You can do that to the extend the row or column is from a line item. Add a Boolean formatted line and use the filter to filter out the data if the box is checked.


  • I think the solution here is only applicable to if the hide/show is for filtering. We have a situtaion where we like to show few line items only for few membes of a dimension while rest of the line items for other members of that dimension e.g.

    lets say there are 2 dimensions - Regions and Products. Products have couple of properties such as Type, SKU#.

    Product1 (Type1, 001)
    Product2 (Type2, 002)
    Product3 (Type3, 003)
    Product4 (Type4, 004)


    We create a module that captures Sold Amount as line item for each region and product respectively. Now we want to have a report or view that can show data in this format -

                                    None              |                         North               |                  South                  |                 West                  |             East
                         Type         SKU#       |                    Sold Amount       |                  Sold Amount      |                Sold Amount      |            Sold Amount
    Product1      Type1        001                             100                                             200                                      150                                    0
    Product2      Type2        002                             400                                             200                                      150                                    0
    Product3      Type3        003                             300                                             200                                      150                                    0
    Product4      Type4        004                                 0                                             200                                      150                                    0

    Now we can get Type and SKU# also as line item to display along with Sold Amount (both Region and Line Items in Columns) and then hide Sold Amount for None Region and one by one (since you can either do selected or all) hide Type and SKU# for all regions other than None. Above example is easy to handle but not manageable if product and region list is very long and the properties we want to show are also many more than just 2. If there is a way to select all that we want to show or hide as check box or as list to select from that will make such views possible to work with.
  • At minimum add for Hide - All Except Selected.