Publish item to dashboard and remove access to dashboard


Hi Is it possible to publish input cells from a module to a dashboard, and have it not be able to be edited on that dashboard only?  For instance, there are some input cells on a module which feeds a detailed calculation dashboard where these are completed with other items. There is also a summary dashboard, which shows just the key items from the calculation dashboard. I don't want the input fields to be edited in the summary document, as someone could change them without fully understanding what they are. So I would like these input cells to be locked just on a specific dashboard. Many thanks Alison


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  • ChrisMullen
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    Hi Alison,

    Depending on the role, you could set up permessions do make that module Read only for certain users.  The other option would be to make another module that uses reference formulas to just pull the number, and publish that module to the dashboard.  It would allow the end user to see the numbers but they would not be able to edit them.