Day to month custom time scale


Has anyone ever built a custom time scale that can handle days to month?  For example, we forecast future heads to start at the daily level and I need that to map up to the correct month.  The days rolling up into 4-4-5 or other week options throws off my monthly calculations significantly.



  • Hi Andrea, Currently we do have this kind of issue and we did a work around by creating a list with 10 properties. d1 - d365 each day is mapped to its month, week,..etc. this will be an one time entry.
  • I recommend having separate months & days in each year (e.g. Feb 2016 separate from Feb 2017, with 28 or 29 days underneath each one as appropriate) rather than putting them in completely separate hierarchies.

    You can do this by writing a big spreadsheet with all your years, months and days in it, with each row adding one day to the previous row, then converting this to CSV and importing into Anaplan. That way, the different number of days in each month will be handled automatically for you, with leap years taken into account.