AdHoc Subsets as an alternative to Select function


Hi, I posted this years ago (2012) but I realized that new comer do not go that deep in the forum history. Thus I post in again for the newcomers. From time to time, it may be convenient to create an adhoc subset as an alternative for the SELECT Function. Business case :

  • Source module : full list
  • Target Module : need to select only one line item (or more than one) from the source module.

Proposals :

  • Option One:: Formula in the target module will look as follow : Source.line item[SELECT: Full List.Relevant item]
  • Option Two : use the subset in the target module. Formula will be easier : Source.line item.

The subset will do the filtering job (selectng) by himself. This works all the better if you need to pick only some but multiple items from Source Full List  I call the option two "Select Alternative for Lazy Peoples". Kind regards. Michel