Keyboard shorcuts.

Hi, for newcomers to Anaplan, a tip I posted 4 years ago and that I find worth being posted again with some actualisation. I am using keyboard shortcuts all the time on Anaplan.  CTRL C / CTRL V are obvious for anyone, and very efficient in Blueprint for properties copy and paste. I find two other shortcuts very usefull and efficient, they make me save a lot of time, Function key 'F2' : it works the same way as for Excel, I use this to edit a name (item line name, list name, module name...). Of course the double click will do the job as well, but the F2 key works fine for me. I also noticed that F2 allows opening the properties selection box or drop selection list when we are in blueprint mode. This feature is great because I usually need to use the keyboard arrow to move yourself right and left in blueprint mode : mouse accuracy does not really works fine with me while i blueprint, the windows is moving to far on the right or to far on the left when going backward. Thus I am using the right / left arrow with my right hand to place myself on the proper property cell, and then the left medium or index finger quickly strikes the F2 key to open the selection choice. If this trick is used once in a month, time saving is ridiculous. If used 500 times a day, time saving becomes an tangible fact and this allow either me to catch the train earlier or to build the model a step further than the mouse would have allowed me. CTRL + Mouse Roll : the zoom in / zoom out is very usefull too, all the more as the grid is quite big. : many item lines, big lists in lines, or many columns.  For example, I zoom out down to maybe 70% (I guess it depends on your screen size and resolution) to display a wider grid, then I click in the proper place I am looking for, and I zoom in again (back to 100% or maybe 110% according to your eye's accurarcy). The serach feature will do the job, but the zoom in zoom out is fine too. It's also very usefull too when you need to create a formula where you have many item lines and where the formula is down at the bottom of a list although the formula is made out of line items up in the grid. Julian Small gave me the following shortcuts, thanks again to him : To zoom in or out we can also use Ctrl - or Ctrl + if you prefer to use the keyboard rather than the mouse scroll option. Shift and F8 on your keyboard with a cell selected will pull up a "drill down" box that shows how the number is calculated/where the data has come from.   Anapedia gave me the shift CTRL , and Shift CTRL ; (AZERTY Keyboard). Depending on your keyboard the shorcut ay be different. See for further information. And you also have the shift ctrl space to toggle into blueprint mode in and out. In fact the only disadvantage I see to the cloud is that Cloud is using a browser, and as the browser have their own shorcuts, these become forbidden to supported application.  Thanks in advance to all of you to share your own shortcuts. Kind regards. Michel.